A few minutes of brushing and flossing every day are all it takes to prevent virtually all dental problems. Most people brush every day, but few people are regular daily flossers. Given the time, trouble, and expense of dental treatment, what are the reasons that some people just don’t floss? The answer is simple. Flossing is tedious, it can be uncomfortable, and when you run out of floss it’s a hassle to replace. Well it appears that help for non-flossers is finally here. Revolutionary new products intended to replace traditional string flossing in a comfortable, easy, and effective way are now available.

The Waterpick ® Ultra Water Flosser and the Sonicare AirFloss are two new oral hygiene products that their manufactures claim are more effective than conventional flossing. A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry seems to settle the consumer’s dilemma ( J Clin Dent 2012;23:22–26). The report finds that the Waterpik device is more effective than conventional flossing and 80% more effective than the AirFlosser. “A grain of salt, please” may be necessary. Although the Journal of Clinical Dentistry is a respected scientific journal, the research was funded by the WaterPik Company.

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