Tooth Whitening Brightens Smiles for Miles & Miles
Tooth whitening – also called tooth bleaching – is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to improve your appearance, thus accounting for the growing popularity of this cosmetic procedure.

Coffee, tea, red wine, sodas, tobacco products and certain medications – along with tartar buildup – can turn pearly whites into yellowish eyesores. That’s when tooth whiteners come to the rescue.

When attacking unsightly stains, many people shoot for a natural tooth shade, namely an off-white, bone-like color. But some people go beyond that by striving for ultra-white, dazzling, celebrity smiles. Think Tom Cruise or Miley Cyrus.

Top Teeth Bleaching Options for Achieving a Better Look
Dentists offer low-tech bleaching procedures as well as high-tech systems utilizing light energy. With the latter option, dentists apply a professional-grade whitening gel then speed up the process by directing a powerful light source at your choppers.

Remember that famous dental scene from “Intolerable Cruelty,” the Coen Brothers movie starring George Clooney as a self-possessed divorce attorney? A bright blue light produced George’s megawatt smile.
Do-It-Yourself Treatments Remove Dental Stains at Home
Home treatments for removing stains include chewing gums, whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, bleaching gels, bleaching pens and bleaching strips. These off-the-shelf products often contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in various concentrations as the active ingredients. While you may see improvement it does take a quite a bit longer for results and these remedies are usually recommended as on going treatments to keep teeth white after a traditional whitening.

So now that your teeth are gleaming white, be sure to keep them that way. Brush and rinse after every meal. Use a straw when drinking tooth-staining liquids. And floss – even if you dread it – so that nasty plaque doesn’t build up. You might even give Clooney a run for his money.