Our Technology

Kaneohe Family Dental offers a dynamic combination of advanced technologies in one convenient location.

At Kaneohe Family Dental Care we take pride in always being at the forefront of adopting new technological advances in patient care and service. We continually strive to keep up with the latest technologies that allow us to provide our patients the best possible treatment at the lowest possible cost without compromise.

Some of the technology used includes:

Low Dose Digital X-Rays
Very low exposure and high resolution X-Rays. Digital x-rays provide superior image quality and reproducibility, with improved safety conditions.

Logicon® Computerized Cavity Detection
Logicon® is an advanced software application that scans the information provided by our digital X-Rays looking for cavities. Logicon® greatly enhances the detection of tooth decay. It also predicts which teeth could get a cavity in the future, allowing patients to focus their prevention efforts to avoid cavities all together.

Digital Impressions
Impressions of teeth and gums using a small high tech digital scanner. It is quick and easy avoiding that old fashioned “goop” in your mouth. Digital models are made from these scans saving time, enhancing comfort, and improving accuracy.

Intraoral Cameras
High-tech cameras provide ultra-sharp high-resolution images of teeth. They allow for detailed evaluation, treatment planning, and documentation of oral conditions. This enhances patient knowledge.

Automated appointment reminders and communications
Our patients choose how they would like to be reminded about their appointments. Patients can select email, text messaging, a good old fashion phone call, or, any or all of the above! Patients are also welcome to text, email or call our office when communicating with our staff.

“Paperless Office”
All the information in our office is digital. We do not store any paper records so the staff of Kaneohe Family Dental Care has all the necessary digital information right away, and right at their fingertips. We are dedicated to efficiency and accuracy in all we do. A paperless, digital information system helps optimize our dental and business practices. The substantial savings of time created when old-fashioned paper records are no longer used is devoted to superior patient care and service. Our digital records help protect our patient’s privacy as well.

Mercury and Metal Free Restorations
At Kaneohe Family Dental Care, WE DO NOT DO SILVER FILLINGS! Over 25 years ago Kaneohe Family Dental Care was a leader in non-metal, mercury free fillings and crowns. There is a myriad of available modern dental material alternatives that make silver fillings obsolete. We take silver and mercury out, we don’t put it in. Quite simply, we will only treat our patients with the materials and procedures that we would use for our own family.

Digitally Designed, Computer Fabricated Restorations
We provide the latest in modern dental restorations that are digitally designed and fabricated virtually eliminating even the slightest human error that can occur with older technologies. The result is restorations that are more precise, longer lasting, and exceptionally beautiful.
Computerized Local Anesthetic Delivery
Computer controlled anesthetic delivery that can drastically reduce or eliminate the pain of routine injections. Utilizing the Wand® STA® we can perform dental injection techniques in a more effective and comfortable way.

Digital Tooth Color Shade Matching
We utilize the VITA Easyshade®. It is an invaluable asset in the formerly difficult quest to perfectly match the color of restorations to surrounding teeth. This small device gathers precise information about the color teeth your teeth allowing us to fabricate restorations that are beautifully undetectable.

We offer free WiFi to our patients while they are in our office.