Every day at Kaneohe Family Dental Care we are thrilled to meet patients who are new to our practice. These new patients come to us seeking a Kaneohe or Kailua Dentist, most often due to the recommendation of their friends and family. A sign of the times is the increasing number of new patients who find their way to our office via the internet after reading patient reviews on Google, Facebook, or sites such as rateadentist.com. Sadly, a sign of our tough economic times is the increasing number of the new patients we see who are young adults that have, for one reason or another, neglected regular dental care and now are in pain and now require urgent care. The good news is that we are usually able to relieve their pain quickly and inexpensively, but what is next for these patients who frequently have multiple other dental problems ready to turn south as well?

In Hawaii, most people who are employed have dental insurance. However, as a rule, dental plans are good for maintaining dental health but are not designed to help people catch up when they have more than a couple dental problems. All dental plans have limitations on coverage and how much they will pay for a patient in a given year. Yearly benefits are commonly $600 – $1,000. That’s fine if you just need cleaning, examination, X-rays, and a filling a couple times a year, but it’s a meager amount if you need more than routine maintenance. Therefore, if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it is imperative that your dentist helps you carefully prioritize your necessary dental care, offer you practical treatment options, and provide affordable financing. If you have postponed care and are looking for a dentist we offer the following recommendations.

How to find a new dentist:
1. Ask your friends and family if they have a dentist they recommend.
2. Use sources such as Rateadentist.com, Google, and Yelp to learn what other patients think about potential dentists.
3. Browse potential dentists’ websites to learn more. If the dentist doesn’t have a website move on, they are not that interested in you.

Your new dentist should:
1. LISTEN to you and your concerns.
2. Examine you carefully and thoroughly and take a complete set of modern digital X-rays.
3. Sit down with you and patiently describe your current problems in plain language.
4. Provide you with several practical solutions to your problems arranged in an understandable step-by-step “worst first” plan of treatment. If necessary, treatment plans should be broken down into of phases that could span months or years.
5. Help you understand your dental insurance and how you can best take advantage of it.
6. Provide a clear written estimate of your expected cost for treatment.
7. Provide financing options for your estimated cost.
8. Always be available to discuss any concerns you might have.

At Kaneohe Family Dental Care we are committed and eager to help our patients regain their dental health and appearance in a way that they can afford. Call us if you are looking for a new Kaneohe or Kailua dentist, we think we know a couple good ones.

– Bruce Keller, DDS